fagott-zubehoer.de becomes fagottissimo.com

In order to do justice to the growing internationalisation of our we have decided to give ourselves a new name: Fagottissimo!

Fagottissimo are delighted to offer you a large selection of reeds for bassoon, a wide range of cane, many helpful and useful bassoon accessories and everything one needs for reed making.

Bassoon sheet music search made easy

Whether you are looking for chamber music, bassoon and piano works or orchestral parts - with the help of our filtered search engine you will effortlessly find your wish from our catalogue of 5,000 works.

As we also have nearly all composers life spans recorded, you can now search using these dates too. We have found this method very helpful in looking for newer, less renowned bassoon repertoire.

Rummage through our large music catalogue with help from our Filtered search